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The online media “Wesh Derna” is launched in Algeria

Ever since we launched Generation What ? Arabic, we have been glad to rely on the support of our media partner in Algeria, “Wesh Derna”. Time has now come to tell you more about this great adventure.

Wesh Derna is an online platform created by Riadh Touat, a young Algerian pharmacist passionate about photography and videos. He wanted to tell the story of his country’s youth, leaving aside all the images conveyed about them, usually negative and with which they couldn’t identify.

“I wanted to put forth the Algerian youth who has a positive and creative outlook on our country.”

Wesh Derna is now a real online media, which aims at revealing and promoting the Algerian potentials.

The media launched its website in mid-June with an innovative design, and offers several sections imagined as thematic documentary series, on a variation of “wesh” (which means “what”).

Wesh Darou (which we can translate as “What did they do?“) offers portraits of young people who make a change in Algeria. Young entrepreneurs, association members, eco-friendly artists, social initiative-makers, … all of them are put in the spotlight to express their view of the future. The section Wesh Sra (“What happened”), more factual, is a cultural agenda of the latest exhibitions in the whole country. Wesh Qalou (“what they said”), talks about Wesh Derna’s teams’ main interventions in other media and cultural events in Algeria.

With over 25,000 followers on Facebook, Wesh Derna’s philosophy seems to have charmed the internet users. We wish the outmost success to this innovative media!

Discover some of their contents:

Wesh Darou

Besma BelBedjaoui, Plasticycle Algérie, one of the rare companies with a green economy, located in Constantine

Wesh Sra

Small road tip in Riad during the 6th day of photography in Oran